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  1. Singing Skeleton Prop
    Singing Skeleton Prop
  2. Latex Wounds
    Latex Wounds
  3. Trident Toy Weapon
    Trident Toy Weapon
  4. Bloody Chainsaw
    Bloody Chainsaw
  5. Evil Weapons
    Evil Weapons
  6. Tomahawk Toy Weapon
    Tomahawk Toy Weapon
  7. Scull Toy Sword
    Scull Toy Sword
  8. Excalibur Toy Sword
    Excalibur Toy Sword
  9. Warrior Toy Mallet
    Warrior Toy Mallet
  10. Warrior Toy Axe
    Warrior Toy Axe
  11. Mini Spiders
    Mini Spiders
  12. Glow Spiders
    Glow Spiders
  13. Skull Light
    Skull Light
  14. Evil Skull
    Evil Skull
  15. Dagger And Fake Blood
    Dagger And Fake Blood
  16. Devils Fork
    Devils Fork
  17. Scythe Toy Weapon
    Scythe Toy Weapon
  18. Executioner Toy Axe
    Executioner Toy Axe
  19. Bloody Toy Axe
    Bloody Toy Axe
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Items 1-48 of 237

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Halloween Props

Looking for a Halloween prop? You’ve come to the best source for Halloween props, costumes, accessories and decorations!

At The Base Warehouse, you can find scary Halloween props to frighten and surprise your guests. With creative decorations, your house will be ready for this fang-tastic holiday. A variety of props awaits you: for the indoor and the outdoor display, according to the Halloween theme you like.

Animated props will bring your party to live, giving chills down the spines to visitors or passersby. A few animated props available on our website: hanging clown prop, talking skeleton prop, wings moving bat, animated reaper, animated standing woman.

Check out our full collection of Halloween Props: body parts props, fake head props, hanging props, inflatables, life-sized props, lights & strobes, scary creatures, spider props, and weapons.

Get your guests in the Halloween spirit with these creepy decorations and enjoy a frightening spectacle.

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