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  1. Creepy Spiders
    Creepy Spiders
  2. Halloween Mini Skull
    Halloween Mini Skull
  3. Chain with Hand Cuffs
    Chain with Hand Cuffs
  4. Ghost Tree Prop
    Ghost Tree Prop
  5. Purple Spider
    Purple Spider
  6. Barbwire Garland
    Barbwire Garland
  7. Ankle Cuff with Ax Head
    Ankle Cuff with Ax Head
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Halloween Decorations

It is time to prepare our houses and our souls for Halloween! Decorations play an important role in this holiday’s charm, so get ready for shopping. Among the most popular Halloween ornaments are: sculpted pumpkins, spider webs, funny lanterns, werewolves, and improvised vampires.

Dress your house with spooky hanging decorations, creepy tombstones, spider and webs! At The Base Warehouse, you can shop from a variety of decorations to create a devilish décor for your Halloween holiday. Trick or treat your neighbours with scary outdoor decorations for your door and your garden.

Create the most surprising décor for a fun time with your family and guests, with indoor Halloween decorations. Order your favorite table decorations: red roses with eyeballs, ghost or pumpkin centerpieces and match them with Halloween party supplies.

For a spooky atmosphere discover the scene setters available: haunted house dripping blood roll, bloody door cover, tree decorations, and many others. Complete your décor with inspired wall and window decorations. You can always add some balloons or foam decorations for a cute and stylish touch to your Halloween super party!

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