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Candy Bonanza!

Here at The Base we are so delighted to be able to 

provide our customers with an incredible wide range of lollies!

Wether you are looking to get some yummy lollies for your next event or if you simply have a sweet tooth - you will definitely find your happiness with us.

We've got lollies from around the world including famous American sweets such as Nerds, Gobstoppers, Twinkies & so much more. 

We also have the original Trolli bugers, brite crawlers, sour cola bottles and if that's too hard of a choice for you then feel free to grab our maxi party pack

Whatever it is you might be looking for and whatever your taste may be - you will find exactly what you want at The Base Warehouse.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping today! (most of our lollies are available for purchase online.)

p.s. don't forget to buy a fancy glass container to display all your favorite lollies in your home 😉  

You can find some right here