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Trick or Treat

Knock-knock! Trick or treat? That’s the question that needs a sweet answer! If you’ve chosen your Halloween theme and you have your spooky décor ready, don’t forget the part kids love most: trick or treat! Trick or treat is a popular Halloween custom, which definitely adds charm to the event.

For children, Halloween is fun because they get to dress up in their favorite character and go trick or treating. Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a spirited hunt for some sweet, yummy treats!

Be prepared with a creepy collection of gruesome goodies from our selection of Halloween candy. Choose from our large variety of chocolate bars, hard candies, jelly beans, lollipops, toffees and other delicious treats in a multitude of flavors and shapes.

Recreate this fun experience for your friends and family with these beautifully designed lolly bags. Grab some pumpkin buckets and treat bags, gather your friends and kids and go trick and treating this Halloween!

At The Base Warehouse we offer a great range of Trick and Treat sweets at amazing value. Order now and be ready for a sweet candy hunt! Don’t forget to check out our Halloween props!