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Stay Busy During Lockdown!


Staying busy and distracted during a lockdown can be hard. The first few days might seem like the ideal time to relax and unwind but after a couple of days of being stuck at home, it becomes hard to find something to stay entertained.

Here at The Base Warehouse, we are so thrilled to be able to provide our customers with the distraction and entertainment they need (& deserve!) during this rough time.

We feel for all the parents out there who had to cancel last-minute their holiday plans to stay stuck at home with the kids instead. So, If you're feeling bored during this lockdown and you do not know what to do - this article is for YOU!

Below you will find a list of the best games and activities we have gathered for you and trust us when we say you are bound to find the best and most suitable one for you and/or your family/friends.

1. Board Games
Ah! Board Games! A classic! Lockdown or no lockdown board games are an incredible way to entertain yourself as well as the kids during this time. We have so many board games you can choose from whether you are looking to get one for the kids, or one for yourself, you'll find what you need.

Choose from:
-Hedbanz 2nd Edition
-Watch Ya Mouth

2. Puzzles
The ultimate way to stay busy and sometimes for not just one but many days! The good thing with puzzles is they can take hours to finish - especially if you grab one of our crazy 1000 pieces! But hey! We told you we'd give you activities to keep you busy for a long time so, why not?

Choose from:
-Pet Party Jumbo Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces
-1000 Piece Puzzle - Marble Temple
-3D Brown T-Rex Crystal Puzzle

3. Drinking Games
We all know drinking games are super fun during lockdown (of course it is only reserved for our 18+ plus customers!). Gather your roommates or your family, grab a couple of beers and let's get playing!

Choose from:
-Drinking Roulette Game
-Shooters & Ladders Drinking Game
-Balancing Chairs Drinking Game

4. Arts & Crafts
This one is for all our creative minds! Or in other words our Arts & Crafts lovers. There's a reason why things like Paint By Numbers are such popular activities amongst all ages, if you've never tried it before, we totally recommend it.

Choose from:
-Paint By Numbers Assorted Design - 40cm x 50cm
-Marble Effect Pouring Acrylic Set - 6 x 100ml
-Toy Story 4 Craft Kit

5. Knitting
Whether you're an experienced knitter or you're solely looking to try out a new skill and activity during this time why not try some knitting? We promise you that by the end of this lockdown all your friends will be asking for you to make them a crochet scarf!

Choose from:
-Orange Crochet Cotton Ball - 50g
-Girlie Mix Colour Yarn - 100g
-1Pce Chunky Knit Yarn 100G -Fairy Floss

6. Snacking
Alright... this isn't an activity it's true... but honestly who doesn't love sitting up on the couch and watching their favourite show with some incredible snacks?? Which is why we had to come through with the yummy goods!

Choose from:
-Wonka Nerd Grape Straw Box 141g
-Trolli Groovy Mix Bucket - 625g
-Hostees Twinkies - 385g