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New Years Party Ideas

New Years is on the way! Woohooo! There is no better excuse than New Years Eve to get dressed up, gather friends, eat yummy food, drink champagne and obviously, dance all night long... 

The Base Warehouse definitely knows how to throw a party and we're here to help you find some fabulous ideas for a night to remember!

A classic theme that never gets old for New Years is DISCO - Bring out the funky pants, the bright colours and throw it back to the 70s with some amazing disco party supplies & dress up products.

Another timeless classic for the big night is to go for a fancy HOLLYWOOD themed party! Who doesn't want to pretend like they are a movie star on this special night...

Lastly and for something a little different why not throw a fun and decadent HIP HOP themed party? Time to bring out the big bling chains! 

If none of these ideas tickle your fancy - rest assured... We definitely will have something that's perfect for you... After all, we are The Base Warehouse, the one place where you are bound to find something no matter what!

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