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Acrylic Pouring ūüé®

Acrylic Pouring
 is a fun and easy way to create beautiful and unique abstract art. It incorporates the simple technique of pouring acrylic paint onto a surface, giving a fluid style effect to your artwork.

There are different types of method you can use when creating your work of art including: the flip cup, the tree ring, the puddle pour & many more! (see photo attached for various methods).


The great thing with acrylic pouring is that it is completely customizable and the results will also vary depending on the method and colors you have used. Each painting will be unique and wonderful and the whole family will have a great time! 

Make sure to get our acrylic pouring set today as well as some canvases to start creating beautiful artwork! 

We suggest getting a table cover, some wooden stirrers & gloves for the activity as it could get a little messy.